Cannot connect to the web (cable internet)


I used CIS for years and now I have a strange net blocking. My winchester ran down, I changed and installed Win7 64 bit. I installed CIS 6.3 and if I turn on my computer the internet (cabel) can’t connect. If I turn off the Comodo’s firewall it can do. It makes no difference to Enable/disable automatic detection of private network but if I connect with turned off firewall and I enable/disable automatic detection of private network there is internet but several minutes later disconnect.


Thank you very much your help,


Can you see if the instructions in No network connection after using Stealth Ports Wizard(DHCP Broken) [v4] are of help?

I didn’t turn on this.

I split your topic and made a separate topic.

You are using a cable connection. Does your modem have a router built in or is it just a modem?

Could you post a screenshot of your Firewall logs?

It has a router. But before I changed the winchester and installed the Win7 and CIS there wasn’t this problem, I used same settings.

Where is firewall logs?

So I found :slight_smile: It was empty and I activated the firewall for a few second and I send the logs: