Cannot connect to my PC till logging in

I have newly installed Comodo Firewall to my PC which is a part of my DOMAIN.

I’ m connecting to my PC via Remote Desktop. All firewall settings are OK.

I have setup “My Network Zone” correctly.
I have setup “My Port Sets” and assigned the port (3389) to a rule in the “Global Rules

I know that because I’ m able to connect to my PC if I let my PC running. I mean I lock my PC and try to connect from home. Still all OK but after I restart my PC I’m unable to connect to my PC. But after I log in to my PC (physically from my desk :-X ) all is working well.

So far I understand the Firewall Engine is by default denying all connections and apply the rules after logging in to my PC.

Is there a way to bypass this. It is a big problem for me because sometimes I have to restart my PC on the remote site. After than I cannot connect to my PC anymore. >:(

I just replied to a problem that may be similar. Please take a look if that applies to your situation as well.

When that is not the case. Can you show me screenshots of your Firewall logs (firewall -->Common Tasks → View Firewall Events) and Global Rules.

Hello EricJH,
Thank you for your reply,

This is not the same problem. I’ll send you the screenshots on monday, because I can not reach my PC at work. I have to login to gain access for Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop).

I think the problem is that no rules are loaded till I log in to my PC (The default rules maybe work and they are default deny all I think). This happens after I restart (reboot) my PC.

Thank you for your effort

Sincerely Huseyin
from Istanbul

Keep us posted.