cannot connect to certain servers

Hello, I ma new to Comodo and a novice at CIS.

I purchased a password manager (Triple Layer), downloaded it, and installed it. After inputting my username/password, I received a popup message that the program was unable to connect to the server, nad to check m internet connection. I was online, and there was no internet disruption.

I spoke with their tech support and he was unable to understand why I was not able to connect :: I did allow the Triple Layer in the “allow application” section of Comodo. I also tried to connect with Comodo completely turned off; to no avail.

Finally, I tried to connect with the tech support to allow him to configure my settings, to ee if it would allow Triple Layer to connect. Comodo automatically and completely turned off all network activity; as I saw on the firewall tasks window.

Importantly, this last thing happened when someone from GeekBuddy tried to connect to my computer, right after I bought Comodo.
I was told that either CIS firewall or CIS antivirus is causing this.

Any suggestions? I am completely new to this. I have screen shot too if needed.
Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome jetPAK,
Try disabling Comodo Secure DNS if it is enabled.
In step 7 of the link below, select ‘Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically’ and OK.
Comodo Secure DNS

Hope that helps.

Hello and thanks for the reply and suggestion. Unfortunately, it did not work :cry:
I am running windows 10 (64), if that somehow helps.