CANNOT Connect ICQ browser chat

Hello to all

i just today switch form outpost version 4 to comodo firewall v3.0 alpha 2 i find it a very very good security product.

i am trying to connect “” but i cannot in outpost it prompt me for rule setting and all i need to do is allow for icq but here i dont know how to do chatting through my browser i already set my browser 80,443,allow outbond any setting what i need to do regarding “” that…

in outpost i use auto rule set option here i have to manually set the rules can you give me some link or guide about rule setting in comodo because i find it very diferent and dificult that outpost setting …NameBright - Coming Soon
it would be very kind of you sir/mam if there is any site which have step by step basic configration toturial for newvoices like us with graphic interface

for example “
i will be very thankfull to you sir/mam…

with regards



I understand from your PM that this ICQ issue is resolved.

I understand from this post that you would like to see a step-by-step tutorial on how to create these rules. At present, there is not such a dedicated tutorial for CFP Alpha; it is very early in the testing phase, and there is essentially no support at present for this product. At this point, it is not intended for daily public use, being an Alpha release.

Tutorials do exist for the current public stable release of CFP, which is; many of them may be found here:,6167.0.html
While the idea/theory behind these tutorials will largely remain true, a lot of the specific functionality/details will change with v3 of the firewall.