Cannot close 'Network Detected' window CIS v.6

There is no close option for ‘Network Detected’ window. And the windows itself doesn’t seem to go away automatically.

I’m thinking that this is probably intended behavior and not a bug.

I’m curious, why would you want to close it without choosing the type of network you are in? Does it close correctly if you choose one of the three options?

Because i don’t need nor want to choose network type, i’m not gonna use it ever again so why would I choose anything?

I believe it is probably mandatory to tell Comodo how much trust you want to put in your network. Essentially, that popup is just asking you how much trust you want to put in anyone else using the same network.

After answering it once it will remember your answer so that you will never have to answer it again.

I’ve moved this to the Wishlist board as I believe that what you’re really looking for is the option to close and have CIS apply a default setting. Thus, this sounds like a wish to me.

You could have answered it once and checked the “Do not detect new networks again”