Cannot clean Registry of CPF + Spybot keys

Hello the Comodo Group,
I installed Spybot S&D and uninstalled it after a few days. I tried to clean the Registry using jv16 Power Tools, but the app couldn’t cancel some spare items re Spybot & Comodo.
There are four keys that i cannot cancel even if i try to wipe them manually, one for all: HKLM\System\Software\Comodo Personal Firewall\AppCtrl\Components\White\7.
While I cancelled the lines concerning Spybot from CPF “Application Monitor”.
Pc runs Win XP Pro and CPF Any suggestion?
Ciao everybody. (V)
Enrico - Rome

Ciao Enrico!

I think by default CPF protects its own registry keys. Open CPF - Security tab - Advanced tab - Miscellaneous - “Protect own registry keys and files from unauthorized modifications”. In addition, the keys might be open and/or locked if CPF is running.

Actually, I don’t think CPF likes other programs sniffing around its registry keys. :wink:

(:WAV) Thank you Kail, i did it and activated again “Protect own registry keys…”