cannot clean malware/virus and high cpu usage


im having two problems:

  1. some virus or malware comodo cannot clean, it announce about it over and over again, I choose clean and it come back.
    its re-created in the folder: c:\users\user\appdata\temp\ru-RU or imagingDll.
    I added some print screens about it.

  2. another problem I facing along time, its when im not using the computer, there is high cpu usage with one of the CIS process,
    there is no virus scanning ,there is no updates, its very weird, I fix it only with ending this process in task manager.


Can you export or provide a screenshot of both the anti-virus and tasks log?

thank you

Might be either a false positive or an actual malware infection, what is happening is every time the file is quarantined it is re-created under a different path in the temp folder. You can try to view the file details from the file list and look for created by: section to see what application is creating the file. Also post the SHA1 hash of the file.

Your high cpu does look to be caused by the AV update or scheduled scan, if you notice high cpu again you need to identify which exact process is consuming CPU using Windows task manager, I would also check CIS own task manager to see what task is being run.

thank you
its defiantly not a false alert, its keep changing and replacing names and files and acting like a trojan or malware.
I added what you ask for.

about the high cpu usage its defiantly not the updates or files scan I check this already. the process is cavwp.exe.

You are going to have to use a combination of killswitch, autorun analyzier, and CCE to get rid of the infection, you can get it by using the clean endpoint task under advanced tasks of the CIS main GUI.