Cannot choose "Use direct connection" in settings v28.0.4.0

Hi i would like to report a bug that in the latest version of dragon i cannot choose direct connection in setting it seems to stay on “Use this proxy server:” with a blank box and 0 for the port. I have changed it numerous times to “Use direct connection” but it always reverts back!
i have now had to use Firefox instead of Dragon as it rendering the Dragon useless it’s struggling to load pages and gets extremely slow!
my system is Windows 8 Enterprise x64

Hi and welcome jimbob12342,
When do you notice the setting reverts back?
Is there any chance that you are using a 3rd party cleaning program that could unintentionally be altering your user preferences in Dragons user profile?


Hi, thanks
And it reverts back instantly tbh i think it doesnt work at all becuase when i close the settings tab i can reopen within seconds and its already changed back andi do use ccleaner but havent ran it for about 6 weeks so its deffinately nothing to do with a 3rd part cleaner.

Hi jimbob12342,
Sorry I am not sure what is causing this issue.

I would consider trying a new Dragon user profile in case of some form of corruption has occurred.
Note: Bookmarks, passwords, preferences etc are not saved to your new profile.
To create a new user profile in Comodo Dragon