Cannot change an .exe to Trusted

Comodo ver. 6.3 running on Win XP machine that is not connected to Internet.
I have an .exe file in the Sandbox I want to change from Suspicious to Trusted.
I right-click on the file and get a window with 5 choices :
Show Full Path
/ Show Sandboxed Only (note: check mark on left side)
Add to Trusted Files (this is greyed out, cannot click on it)
Online Lookup

Why is “Add to Trusted Files” greyed out ?? I just want to make this .exe able to run.

Go to Unrecognised Files, select the executable and choose to move it to Trusted Files.

EricJH -
Thanks but, this .exe is not listed in Unrecognized Files, it is listed in Sandboxed Apps. Unrecognized Files provides checkboxes on the left side which you can then Move to Trusted Files, but Sandboxed Apps does not provide checkboxes and does not provide a button for Moving files. Instead it provides the 5 options that I listed in my original post, but the option “Trusted Files” is grey and I cannot click on it.
Incidentally, I also went to Unrecognized Files, where there was a list of 23 files. I checked the checkbox on the left of each of them, then went to “Move To” and clicked on “Trusted Files”. Then I look at Unrecognized Files again and the same 23 files are still there (with all the boxes on the left unchecked) as if my Moving them to Trusted Files had no effect.
Maybe you don’t understand what is the starting point of my description ? I see a window that is divided into 3 sections. The headings of each section are :
Left - “Antivirus” Middle - “Auto-Sandbox” Right - “Firewall”
In the middle section there are 3 line items :
Blocked Intrusions - 272
Unrecognized Files - 23
Sandboxed Apps - 4
I click on the number “4” which brings up the list I am describing. At the top of that list is the .exe I want to change, but cannot because the 5 options I get has “Trusted Files” greyed out.
I also describe here what happens if I try to click on “23” and then try to move the Unrecognized Files to “Trusted” - nothing happens.

AFAIK if the file is not in the unrecognized list, the the option to move to trusted will be unavailable from the active process list.
You could try manually adding the file to the trusted files list.
Adding files to Trusted Files list-Comodo Help

When moving files from ‘unrecognized’ to ‘trusted’, be sure to select OK for the changes to stick.

Kind regards.