Cannot boot Windows since I have updated the Comodo Firewall

on my (1) desktop the new Comodo Firewall runs with hickups - it tries to update, though there is no update.
(2) Today I updated the Comodo Firewall on my laptop. Since re-booting (after the installation) Windows Explorer does not run properly and is shut down by the system… which leads to a hang-up of the whole system. This happens even whith protected booting. Currently I don’t see any way to start my windows on the laptop. Any ideas? Thank you for your efforts.

Hello NoSpam1234,

Can you tell us your Windows versions, previous CIS version was it 3.5.x or 3.8.x ?
There are known issues with some Vista configurations…

Have you tried the “last known good” option on startup ? or you could try to do a “system restore” to a point previous to the update…

The Windows version on my laptop is: Vista Home Premium

It was the very latest Comodo version from today in the morning (I downloaded it from the Comodo website).

“Have you tried the “last known good” option on startup ?” Yes, I did, but that did not work either - while booting even this hung up the system.


and what other security products do you use? Maybe there is a conflict between them…

Then I’m afraid you have to go back in time using the “system restore” option.
Have a look at this, and see if that helps:

i remember i had often this prob with comodo and xp, at logon, i had most of services unable to start,
so i booted in safemode and run comodo UI to put the D+ in training mode then reboot and i was able to logon into xp, i never had this prob with vista.
when i install comodo, before i restart, i always configure all my comodo settings so i reboot.
i always put D+ in training mode before i reboot, even with xp, cause i always do fresh install without saving my config. D+ needs to learn a lot of things from our machines before we can set it to safe mode or paranoid cause each time u reboot u see that D+ is still learning new things, then when u dont see anymore balloons while using your machine u can set it to safe or paranoid.
i remember i had this prob on old builds of comodo but now, it seems working even if i dont set all my comodo rules before i reboot.
once as D+ was not in learning mode, it missed some file on my laptop and i was not able to use my touchpad anymore, it happened sometimes,
that’s why i always set D+ to training before i reboot after a fresh install of comodo ( i always do a fresh install and never save my config, i always restart from the beginning to minimize the risks of some update failure or installing the new build over the old, people often complain about the fact that updating or installing over crash their system and must reinstall or repair the OS, or use a backup tool).
i admit those days, with all those new builds fixing bugs, it’s annoying so i’d better set my FW after install then save the config, that way i’ll have my FW ready on reboot.
i’m going to save my actual config on xp and install the build 477 to see if importing my old config works perfectly.

This could also relate to a “premature” setting of “Block all unknown requests if application is closed” on D+
I would suggest to indeed reboot a few times so D+ has learned all restart requests.