Cannot Boot anymore!!!

CTM said that I was running low on space and I needed to delete some snapshots. I had more than 40 gig of free space! Anyway, I deleted some snapshot and resetted the base snapshot. It then said it could not defrag since the space was low again! It aked me to reboot.

After reboot and after BIOS, CTM came on and started throwing a bunch of errors. I had to reboot again and now I AM STUCK. CTM does not come on and Windows does not boot. Nothing happens after BIOS screen. It’s just a black screen. This is a Win 7 32 bit machine. I did Windows startup repair which could not repair. In startup repair log it mentioned a corrupt “ntkrnpla.exe” file.

What gives? What option do I have? This product is supposed to help with system crashes. Now it causes a complete meltdown.

Please advise,

You and me both and many others in this forum. I am trying to get others to read the posts like yours before installing. I had to reformat my computer. I lost everything. It’s likely the master Boot Record (MBR) is now corrupt which isn’t fixable.
Tech support wont offer any meaningful help either. They will probably ask if you performed a full backup recently? That’s like asking the parent of a drowned child if the child had a life preserver on before entering the pool?

REad some of this

sas123, I would recommend you read this post;msg367168#msg367168

instead of the one Masterblaster directed you to (it will not help you IMHO).

In the post i suggested, i attempt to explain to people what is probably happening to cause their low disk space and talk about disabling Windows defrag and system restore. My post starts about 4th one down.

I think you’ll find it more constructive and may even enlighten you a little :slight_smile:

I only suggest this because it seems your issues stemmed from the low disk space that CTM reported.

To first get you back on your feet, you may also want to read this post

or this one

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your instructions. This really sucks! I had such high hopes for this sofware and cannot see why Comodo releases such a dangerous software to public when it causes a bigger problem it’s supposed to prevent! CTM should give you the ability to have a boot disc instead of inserting itself right at MBR.

I will go at it tonight. There goes my weekend.

Sorry three exclamation marks are not enough to get attention, inflation has set in. At least 12 - 15 now are required. Soon even that won’t work.

Also, use of the word “sucks” marks one as a teenager. Do you really want to have that on your résumé?

Your experience was very bad, and that’s sad. But to say the program is no darn good and the folks have a nerve for putting it out in the first place, etc. Is there even a .0001% poss that maybe it’s something YOU did or some quirk of YOUR machine? There are many people, this one included, who have had no problem with it at all.

Unless of course you are speaking with the Absolute Voice of Authority, which is possible I suppose.

If you get a blank screen after bios, chances are your computer can no longer read the MBR (master boot record) and partition table that tells it where to find your windows disk and installation. There are some data recovery tools for a modest price that will read and recover most of your files, even if the standard information on the mBR, boot sector, and master file table are corrupted.

If you can find a bootable cd that will boot your computer, without using windows, you may be able to use the free utility testdisk.exe to recover your MBR, find your windows partition and write its location to the partition table. I hope these terms are not greek to you. It is a good safeguard, when windows is running to create what is called a BART PE disk. It is a bootable disk that ``knows’’ about your pc and windows installation. You can then use recovery tools to repair lost partitions and such. You may be able to create one of these CDs that will work, on another computer, with your windows 7 installation disk. Google BARTs PE and testdisk for info. on these. And good luck!

Based upon all the problems many have been having with CTM I decided that it would be best to remove it from my new Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit computer. I began the process and like many others, I am now faced with a computer that will not boot up!! I have spent a lot of time trying to correct the problems that the removal of CTM has caused.

This program should not, in my opinion, have been released to the public in its present form.

We are all grateful for the fine programs that Comodo has developed and released as freeware but unfortunately CTM (released prematurely) may just have destroyed much of the good will and confidence that has been directed towards Comodo inspite of all the other fine programs Comodo has developed.

Just sign me frustrated and annoyed!

Here is an update. Before that I would like to respectfully tell hovey that his remarks regarding my “!!!” or the word “sucks” are not helpful. Indeed, that’s what happens emotionally to a person when all of sudden they get a nonbootable system which had no problem and was running fine before. BTW, do you work or are affiliated with Comodo? Anyway, enough of that as this going back and forth between us does not solve anyone’s problem.

As mentioned in other threads listed above and in here the problem is corruption of MBR and maybe more. I booted via Win 7 DVD and went through startup repair. No joy… Windows said it could not repair and the log which it wanted to send to MS had “corrupted file” in its body. I then booted via this DVD and went through “advanced” option under repair and brought up the command prompt. From there I executed bootrec.exe and tried everything there from fixing the MBR to writing a new one. None worked.
So I just went back to my trusted Acronis boot CD, booted, and recovered my whole system (the image was from a few months ago). The system came back and data loss was minimal as my other data is on another partition and backed up on an external drive. Thank goodness for Acronis. BTW, I had installed Comodo Backup and had a backup of the system via that as well. But, as you all know it is useless in situations like this as Comodo backup does not come a bootable CD.

I went on to another PC where I had CTM and uninstalled it with much trepidation. The system booted and threw one error under subconsole as it was trying to uninstall and I thought I was hosed but thank God it went through. But it took 15 min to uninstall (this was an older machine).

The take home message boys and girls, as I state it again to hovey’s dismay, is to stay away from this software for now. The intentions are good but it’s not ready for prime time. If you don’t believe me look for others like me who got the same problem. A backup and restore program should not jeopardize your system. The average user does not know how to go about most of what is stated in this thread to recover from such crash. When a program inserts itself around MBR and before Windows boots and does not give a bootable CD to recover if something goes wrong is asking for unnecessary trouble. This program is free but at this stage it should still be presented as beta until these issues are resolved and it comes with a bootable CD (same goes for Comodo backup).