Cannot allow ports [FIXED]

I am using the most recently released version of the firewall (CFP_Setup_3.0.8.214_XP_Vista_x64_BETA)

Here is my problem;
I cannot allow my ports to remain open, more specifically, my uTorrent port (51851).

As of right now I have my firewall set to “Learn Safe Only”. When I go into Firewall > My Port Sets > i enter the port 51851 into all the sections. Then I click apply and try the port out here. It always tells me that it is closed.

When I change the firewall behavior to “Allow All” then the port is open.

Am I going about this incorrectly or do I need to uninstall the firewall until a working version is released?

Thanks (R)

Learn Safe Only will only apply to “Safe” applications, regarding their need for outbound connections. In order to have any p2p, IM, etc client connect (for open ports on Inbound) you need to create some specific Global Rules (ie, for network traffic, rather than application traffic), or the port will indeed remain closed.

Allow All basically disables the firewall entirely, as all rules are disregarded.

There is a tutorial for p2p applications in this thread,6167.0.html
it’s based on v2.4 of CFP, but the theory and process are same. CFP 2.4 Network Monitor = CFP 3.0 Global Rules.


Thank you! That helped me fix the problem.


No problem, Jager; glad to help.