Cannot add network rule [Resolved]

I want to add a network rule in the network Monitor of Comodo firewall.

Only, the buttons do not work. I cannot add, edit, remove, move up, move down. Anyone can tell me what I do wrong?


Geebee, welcome to the forum.

This looks to be a corrupt installation. Are the monitors (Application, Component, Network, Application Behavioral) on? When installing CFP, remember to disable other security software.

Soya, yes, these are all on, with Component Monitor on ‘learning’.

If the monitors are on then that’s a good sign. Still, it’d be worth a shot to perform a clean reinstallation of CFP.

Soya, re-install did the trick, thanks. Has to re-learn all applications now, that a shame…:_(

Oh sorry. I didn’t realize your setup was well-developed already, else I would’ve recommended the backup script:,2366.0.html

But at least the issue is gone. So was it due to the other programs were active during CFP install that caused this problem?

Mmm, dunno why it was messed up. Just had the problem few days ago when I wanted to add a rule by hand for the 1st time…