Cannot activate & cannot update !

Hi, I just installed comodo PF and the first 2 things I want to do give me both an error.
This ain’t doing any good on my view on Comodo Personal Firewall. (:AGY)

Here are the screens.

Activate comodo…

Then I wanted to check for an update…

hmmm… Looks like i’ll better go back to good old Outpost afterall. (Allthough browsing felt faster with comodo)

Hi and welcome,

What version do you currently have? If it is then I’d download the new version ( from then reinstall as this fixed a number of issues.


Do a complete install. I also tried to update it using the update feature and got the bottom error. Delete it first then download new version from the site and it should perfectly.

Mike how you get banner like that? I know you just connected them but how you get it to link to page right? Im also trying to get it to work at vbulletin but the vbulletin signature controls dont have any advanced controls for image insert.

Well, I just downloaded it from official comodo site (setup.exe) so I guess I’m using the latest version. :wink:


This is how I did it. You need to enter the code like that below (putting first where you won’t the image to go to when clicked on, then you need to put the link for the photo).

This is the code I use for the antivirus part of the banner. The firewall banner has the new address and photo link.


It will look like this after:

I hope this helps, as I’m not sure if it is very clear.