Cannot Access Website

I believe I used to be able to access a certain game site with no problems but now I seem to be unable to access it. I am sure it has something to do with a security setting since it requires connections to others.

I tried accessing it with IE and was a success so I believe it must be solely an issue with Dragon.

Any ideas?

Can you provide us with a url?

But you need to register to actual get what I am experiencing. After Logging In, I hit Duel and it just hangs there at “Connecting…”.

Doesn’t happen on IE.

Solved it on my own. Must of been Comodo Internet Security settings. Switched Comodo from Web Browser policy to Trusted application.

Giving a browser the Trusted Application policy is a dangerous thing to do.

Instead we’d better try to find out what traffic is needed to be allowed and make a custom rule for your browser. Start with showing me the Firewall logs (View Firewall Events) of around the time you were playing the game and it would not work.