Cannot access to the "Who's Online" page


Is it just me or other members of the ‘Malware Research Group’ having the same problem? Sorry - you don't have the proper permissions to view the Who's Online list.


The who’s online page has been blocked for normal users, so it’s normal you can’t access it :slight_smile:



Blame the removal on me, I was the former spy, and so on. :-X

Yeah, I suppose the mods have started a spy board, & are always looking at Who’s Online. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

Your assumption about moderators is wrong but I guess your post is enough to confirm the use you made for “Who’s Online” page :wink:

I didn’t think about breaching someone’s privacy then, because Who’s Online was public.

AFAIK one or more moderators made sure you would be able to distinguish between that feature and the abuses, way before the who’s online page was disabled.