Cannot access "sponsored links"

I’m new to the Comodo forums and put a similar message under v2. I’m using v3, latest update, since updates are automatic.

In use both IE and Firefox. Within the last two weeks, I started noticing that I cannot access ANY sponsored links with EITHER browser. If I do a Google search, all the links below the top sponsored links work fine. But neither the sponsored links at the top nor along the right side produce anything but “Internet Explorer cannot display the Web page” or (Firefox) “Unable to connect…”. Since it happens with both browsers, I deduce that it’s the firewall that’s causing this to happen. I’ve searched Comodo for a setting that references sponsored links, but can’t find anything. I’m sure it’s there somewhere. Can someone give me a clue where to look/how to unset whatever I incorrectly set?


I haven’t heard of this behaviour before, but could you disable CFP and see if that fixes the problem? So we know for sure that CFP is the problem.
If that’s the case, post your logs here (see this for how to post the logs).
Do you remember making any change to your system or CFP before this happened the first time?
By the way, I deleted your other topic.


I can’t disable CFP. I can “Exit” CFP, and it pops up a warning “am I sure. . .”, but the only thing that does is turn off notifications and removes the icon from the Systray. Windows says the Comodo firewall is on, and a test using Steve Gibson’s “Shields UP!” with the firewall “exited” still shows my computer as 100% stealthed – invisible to the Internet.

I encountered the same “can’t turn it off” issue with v2. Only way I could turn it off was to uninstall it. I’m loath to do that because of the horrific number of notifications you get after you install Comodo; takes me about 10 days of 30-40 notifications/day to get the thing trained.

Having had no replies since my last message in this thread, I went ahead and uninstalled CFP, removed all the folder containing any Comodo files, and ran my registry cleaner to ensure it was really gone. I then activated Windows’ firewall and tried to access the sponsored links on the same search results where they would not work before. Guess what? They still did not work. I then tried a full ‘Reset’ of IE, which takes everything back to its settings when first downloaded, and again tried the sponsored links. The still did not work.

I did discover that SOME sponsored links do work, but an awful lot that used to don’t. I’m now thinking that it may be because the links that don’t work have not paid their bills or something, so the links are purposely being blocked. Don’t know what else to attribute it to. In any case, THE PROBLEM WAS NOT CAUSED BY CFP.