Cannot access services outside of netowrk

My machine has PF and the antivirus checker running. Plus UltraVNC, remote dsektop, and a ftp server. I can access all of these services inside my network. I can even VPN into my home network and run the services. I cannot access any of the services with PF on from out side the network. With PF off I can access all services. I have followed the instructions for UltraVNC and still no joy. Thanks for your help. Ray

Hey Ray,

To alow access to a specific PC running CPF inside your LAN from a PC outside your LAN, you will need to create an explicit network rule to allow TCP/UDP inbound via whatever ports UltraVNC requires.

Check the UltraVNC support pages and see if they tell you what ports are required (TCP5900, I think, don’t know about UDP).

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: