Cannot Access Router in Browser on LAN Network

This seems to be an issue others may have experienced, but after spending more than enough time searching & attempting solutions - I am still left with this same problem.

It seems to be a CIS Firewall issue, and the only way to fix it if you restore a point before CIS was installed, and then never use the program. Given I would like to use it & PAID to use it, that would not be the solution I would like to take.

So, my goal is to use my browser (Firefox or any other) to connect directly into my Router so I can make changes. The router is a common router with no issues, and fails to even connect, load, or allow any log-in.

If there are any CLEAR directions to add to Firewall, Global, Port, or Network settings that can help allow the connection to go through, I would greatly appreciate it if not already attempted.

Thank you in advanced & hope to resolve this swiftly (before I refund my subscription & find alternative protection that allows access to router.)

CIS shouldn’t be affecting the Router login in any way. I take it the Internet /Router is working fine apart from that?

What happens when you try to access the Router via or whatever you may have changed it to?

Any error messages?

What is the Router brand?

Router operates fine, but as of now my browser cannot even establish a connection with the router even through LAN. Cannot even input admin information, let alone allow it show up. This is also true post uninstallation of CIS so it is directly connected due to what Comodo has established with the Windows 10 computer upon installation.

For example, in firefox it states “Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at” - I attempted setting rules for the Router IP & Sub, Ports, In/Out rules, and even tried to allow firefox just in case it was the browser. None seem to resolve the issue.

I am aware others who experienced similar issues having installed JUST the Comodo firewall (but no solution aside from restore prior to any Comodo software managed to help).

EDIT: Router is Linksys/Cisco btw

EDIT 2: Managed to access router log-in through private window using browser (ONLY after CIS uninstallation).

There have been am odd instance of the internet being blocked, but not access to a Router I can remember. All that is added is the Comodo Firewall Driver to your Network Adapter and when installed, it should identify your Network and ask Home or Public etc.

You shouldn’t need any rules for the browser, so I would delete any you have made. What FW Configuration are you using and have you changed any of the FW settings?

What is the Router make?

Can you attach a Screen shot of your FW settings

Most rules were cleared after realizing they did not solve the issue. I have since uninstalled CIS to try to get it to work and added in my previous post that I managed to access router log-in through private window using browser (ONLY after CIS uninstallation).

It isn’t default behaviour for CIS on a fresh install. If / when you install it again, just make sure that any initial FW or other pop up warnings from the installation are answered correctly

Use the default Proactive Configuration and also check that there are no other inadvertent Block rules under the FW settings, and Uncheck Anti-ARP Spoofing if you had that on

I didn’t think it would be an issue at all, but it is. But because of the CIS installation, I still have no access in any normal browsers to the router (even after clearing all browser data & caches). I am cautious reinstalling CIS that it may reinstate the problem and block any LAN access to the router again.

What specific modifications to the network does CIS do to prevent local access to a router through LAN? I would like to try to restore access to the router first & create a restore point before attempting to reinstall CIS (which all proper questions were answered to previously). This should also help to allow a solution if I need to uninstall CIS in the future due to any errors that persist.

EDIT: Managed to resolve the issue by using the process above this. Created a restore point & was able to reinstall CIS with access to router still allowed. Not sure what caused the issue intitially, but all is well now. Appreciate the time & effort in assisting to resolve this & the patience to see it through.

You’re welcome . . . glad it eventually worked for you :slight_smile: