Cannot access network with Pro, but free version is ok

I have just removed Zonealarm from my laptop and installed the free 30 day trial of the pro version of Comodo, intending to take up an annual subscription.

I successfully installed Comodo after a tiresome unsinstall of ZoneAlarm (had to remove most of the files manually).

For a while Comodo worked fine, then I had a problem with the internet provider (the network went down for a day or so) and afterwards the network is shown as not-connected on the laptop and I cannot access the internet. Sometimes Comodo asks if another network is found; it doesn’t make any difference if I say yes or no, the ‘new’ network will still not connect to my isp.

However, my laptop can dual-boot into another version of XP with the free version of Comodo installed (this was installed some months ago) and that accesses the internet without any problems so it is not a problem with the internet connection. I suspect I need to do something to make Comodo work with the network but I don’t know what.

Can you show us your network zones and Global rules?

Are you on DSL or cable and do you have a router in your network setup? Also run ipconfig /all from the command prompt and tell us your IP address.

I am using cable. The pc connects directly to the modem/router supplied by the internet supplier. (If that is a router)

The ip address is

Network zones

Loopback -

I have removed the pldt zone - that is a dial up dsl which I use as backup.

Global rules:
Block ICMP In From IP Any Where ICMP Message Is ECHO REQUEST

After I removed the pldt and rebooted comodo asked for me to name a new network? I cancelled.

Try running the Diagnostic wizard. It can be found under Miscellaneous.

Also look up the Comodo Helper service under Services and make sure it is set to automatically start with Windows.