Cannot Access Internet at all

I just installed CIS on my windows XP Pro machine. I cannot get any program to access the Internet at all. I have a router and use a DSL connection. Nothing is coming or going. I cannot even get Comodo to check for updates. I’ve rebooted the modem and the router, but no luck. I know I have Internet connection because I am currently using it on my laptop which is remotely accessing the router.

I’m not a total noob, but this has me perplexed…

I think I have to somehow enable the LAN to access the Internet, but I don’t know which processes do that, so I am confused.

Any help please…

What firewall did you run before CIS? Are you sure it is completely installed? Did you reboot after uninstalling the previous firewall?

What other security programs do you have use and which ones are running in the background?

Can you show us the firewall logs? They are under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall events.