Cannot Access files

I get this message “Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access them” and cannot access any files I have downloaded recently. Existing executable files prior to installing work just fine. Is CIS blocking them and how do I fix if it is. Thanks

Hello Bushy1;

Could you please post a screenshot of your Defense+ Events? (Or Export Them)
CIS > Defense+ > Defense+ Events > More > File > Export


Hi Jacob

Can get to the screen with the events but when I press “more” nothing happens.
Can’t seem to be able to get a screen dump to happen either. There are a number of items scanned online and found safe if that’s any help.


It could very well be CIS. See if adding the file to your trusted files list allows you to run the file.

Added to trusted apps but still won’t work. Thanks

What version of Windows are you using? With what program do you get the above message? Does it only affect your download folder or are other folders also affected?

If you disable both the sandbox and Defense+ does the file run properly?

have managed to get it down to Firefox not being the only one to work now but it will if I run it in Sandbox.