Cannot access advanced settings, or can only access once before reboot needed

I recently installed Firewall 6 on Win7 32bit, and I am suffering an extremely annoying problem. I can only access the advanced settings interface less than half of the time. The GUI buttons simply don’t do anything most of the time. Then if I am lucky enough to be able to access the advanced settings pane once, I cannot access again without rebooting my computer. I have uninstalled/reinstalled once to no avail, but i don’t want to deal with this over and over. Anyone else have the same problems? Any suggestions? Thanks.

What other security products are you using. Do you use Comodo Antivirus too?
Sounds like a conflict of software somewhere.

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Unfortunately, this is a problem, some, including me, are seeing. It may, as DrHaze suggests, be a conflict, however, I see the same problem on a clean PC. There are also other associated issues, one of which I reported - CIS UI appears to sleep if not accessed regularly [M260] [V6] It may be worthwhile creating a bug for the problem you’re seeing too. If you do file a bug, please use the appropriate format