cannot access a specific web site

All of a sudden access to a website I visit daily became in-accessible for no apparent reason.
I get a error message stating
This webpage is not available
The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
Error 108 (net::ERR_ADDRESS_INVALID): Unknown error.

I contact the webmaster and he assures me the web site is still up and running.
He suggested I do a IP look-up, let him know my IP address number and he will check to see if that IP address is blocked.

Instead I rang my ISP, we went through a series of motions and sure enough, the conclusion became
that the assigned IP by COMODO had to be changed to automatically assign IP.

This then allowed both IE and DRAGON to work again using Google and various other web pages to test connections, but still same web page was showing the same error in DRAGON, but not with iE.

DRAGON will work now with Google since applying the changes.

Why can I not still get the only one web page with DRAGON, yet it works with IE?

I do not ant to un-install and re-install all 3 of my COMODO products ( CD, AV & FW ) to solve one web site issue.
Is there a series of procedures I need to do to get it right again, if so what are they?



Try disabling the DNS in Comodo Dragon if you have it enabled. To do this you have to open the Options menu and go to Under the Hood . You will find the Comodo DNS option at the bottom of the Privacy section.
Also clear out the cache and cookies.

Thank you.

I had no choice but to un-install CF & AV, download the latest of everything, pay 1 year as I was willing to do so anyway, but it came sooner then re-install the latest.
Connecting to all web sites since re-installing.

When did virus check it found the Jolee worm and some other malware.

Had problems again, freezing and the only way was to remove the power cord and battery.
( notebook pc) and re-start.

It would freeze simply trying to even open a new txt file.
Nothing would work, even mouse could not shut-down. It froze and with that beep.

I deleted everything from quarantine, un-installed FW and AV,changed password in modem/router, re-installed, did virus scan ( 1 hour and 45 minutes) and it found Jollee and malware again!
Quarantined again.

I don’t know where it came from except some other financial web sites, that may came from “free” email advertisements and who knows where else these things are coming from these days.
It’s getting worse in cyber world, can’t go anywhere.

The COMODO AV cleaned the worm, but pc is slow.

Trying to get live support and it’s taking a long time to wait after connected to server.
Maybe they are trying to respond back, but it is timing out.

Something is not right, the tcp/ip on the task bar ( 2 of them now ) are always flashing, even if I am doing nothing. Something is connected but everything seems normal, yet slower.

Then downloaded CLOUD ,it found 6000 + errors.

Is it wiser to format C and start all over again ? ( Win XP Pro )

Did virus scan today, all seems OK, clean.

COMODO is the best I have experienced when things got a bit rough.

Thank you COMODO