cancelling submit

How / where do you cancel a submit to comodo for checking of files?

Hi dan jones,

The way i do it is to go to “View active connections” where you will see cmdagent.exe(TCP OUT) sending data to one of Comodo`s servers.Simply right click and choose “Terminate connection”(say yes)
You should then get a submission error.



Your answer sounds correct, but this may sound ignorant - where do I find “View active connections.” It sounds familiar, and I feel I’ve seen it, but can’t find it.

Thank you for your response.

Hi dan, 2 ways you can do it,

1.Click on any .exe in the “Traffic” window at the bottom right of the main interface window.This will bring up “Active Connections”

2.Firewall/View Active Connections


It may help to have a pic too. :slight_smile:

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