Canceling my CiS Plus 2011 order

Hi! I ordered Comodo Internet Security Plus 2011 today but now I need to cancel the order. I used a credit card to order it. How can I cancel it so that I get my money back? I cannot find a place from Comodos homepage to do the cancellation.

And I want to make sure, will I get the money back and how fast will that happen?

Thanks in advance!

Please Discuss Your Problems with a tech here

If you ordered a subscription and agreed to the terms; then you’ll be under "no-refunds’ policy but please double check with the link above


I discussed with people in there and I was given this link.

I understood that by filling that my Comodo subscription will be cancelled.

I just want to confirm whether that is the correct place to cancel the order or not.

If they directed you to that link than yes that is the correct place to go; and If you still have your subscription active within 48 hours i would go back to the chat and discuss it further with them;


Hi ragemachine,

If you would like a refund for your CIS Plus purchase, you can send an email to with the following information:

Your Name
Your email address
The Subscription ID# (if this came with your order)

Our finance department will then process your request and refund your order.

Thank you

Comodo Marketing

Courtney, do you know about how long it takes someone from refunds[at] to reply? i sent an email to them this morning requesting cancel and refund but i still haven’t received an response.