Can you use CTM at the same time as Shadow defender and Similar apps?.

Hi Chaps. I have been waiting patiently for this release, as it has saved my bacon on more than one occasion whilst surfing on the dark side of the net!.

However i have grown accustomed to the confidence you get using Shadow defender to return the system back to its original state on one of my computers. After looking at recent posts regards malware bypass in similar apps i reckon i chose wisely. Therefore i am not about to ditch Shadow defender but would like to know if both apps can exist happily without any compatibility problems, as i do not fancy screwing up my new computer.

I would welcome comments from forum members who may have used/ already be using Ctm/Shadow defender or similar at the same time.


No, they are incompatible. Both are trying to do the same. You’ll mess your computer.
CTM is being developed and it’s not rock solid yet.
Maybe you should stay with Shadow Defender (if your license permits) for a while.

Hi Tech. Thanks for the swift reply. I had a sneeky feeling that they would be incompatible. Never mind i shall use Ctm on my laptop, and leave things well alone on the new system.

Thanks Again.


CTM is not compatible with Shadow defender and similar apps(Returnil Virtual system, Norton_GoBack, Deep Freeze , etc.).