Can you use CTM at the same time as Bufferzone pro?.

Hi Guys. I have been using CTM from the beginning to the present 2.9 Beta, and is appears stable apart from taking over 30 minutes to restore to a previous snapshot, dont know if that is normal, and it has saved my bacon on a couple of occasions, so have a lot of faith even though development appears non existent at the moment.

However i came across an offer for Bufferzone pro for free to sandbox my system , and have used Shadow defender previously until the developer was abducted by aliens its seems!.I was wondering what the facts are about using both at the same time as i experienced a few problems previously with Shadow defender “freezing” and having to do a hard shut down to renable it. I also experienced the computer restarting itself when scanning with Cavs or Super anti spyware on demand. It would restart just before the end of a scan.Could this have been a bug i wonder in Shadow defender or perhaps an incompatibility with CTM?.The bottom line is, can the two or similar be ran at the same time, pros and cons, and what is Comodos official view on the subject?.

I have been using the sandbox in Cis and understand that it isolates individual apps being downloaded and the likes of Bufferzone isolates the system as a whole which seems a more secure option overall.Just looking for views and opinions on this one guys as it will determine which way i go, sandbox in Cis or Bufferzone/ Similar in the near future regards securing my Pc.Just to say i am using and will continue to use Cis as there are no comparisons regards prevention in my opinion, other than wanting to sort out the above and make a decision either way.


From what I read on the page (remember marketing :wink: it looks a lot like a part of CIS.
BufferZone technology isolates all threats (known, unknown/zero-day) inside the Virtual Zone.

As long as apps don’t change MBR or use direct disk access I think this should work with CTM.
As it writes that it creates C:\Virtual there should be no conflicts with CTM.

im sorry to contradict what you say but CIS does NOT isolates all threats into a virtual zone, (only if manual sanbox)
if this program can do this then i think i will test it, sounds very good, that feature now is missing in cis and will not be implemented because of the comodo way to do thinks (default deny policy)

I have been testing this program today and i think i got a new love
this program is awesome, i will uninstall sanboxie and start use bufferzone (when it gets a 64 version) now for web browsers,
why this program is awesome?
1.unsigned program runs automatically inside the BOX if application control is activated in configuration>misc (CIS just blocks some actions)
2. mass commit the files by right clic in the virtual directory files (CIS miss that feature and sanboxie do it partially) inside the box can execute apps OUTSIDE THE BOX (neither CIS or sandboxie can do that)
4. can change the directory of virtual files (sanboxie also do that but CIS not)

but I got some downside one is I was not able to run a program in a LAN directory with bufferzone, I thin its an bug, and there is still no 64 compatible version

but the new avast looks promising, it now have auto-sanbox with virtualization (and is compatible with 64bit) I haven’t tested it for now and languy video isn’t any help this time (I think most samples were not malware), but in theory I may consider moving from CIS to avast if it is good enough XDD
I will test it in some days

avast autosandbox (on version 6) does that.