Can you use Comodo Firewall with D+ and Sandbox with Norton AV?

I have been wondering this today but I’m not sure if It would cause any conflicts. I remember watching Norton vs Comodo videos on Youtube and Norton would always have something slip by and cause it to stop working, get uninstalled by malware or cause the PC to not be able to work because of malware slipping buy it. Would it be possible to have the power of Comodo’s HIPS/sandbox to protect Norton and the PC from the malware that can cause such harm?

Honestly, the “the power of Comodo’s HIPS/sandbox to protect […] the PC” its good enough.
You can uninstall Norton, in order to save PC resources too.

What is the reason to have a “protection” software such as Norton, and in top of that another better protection software such as COMODO to protect Norton?
If Norton cannot protect you well, then you should uninstall it, because its not doing what you want it to.

I don’t have Norton. I use CIS with the AV. I was just wondering about this combo. Since Comodo could help with where Norton fails. Just a thought I had bouncing around my head yesterday.

As with any Antivirus program something can always slip through. I use Avast with Comodo firewall and D+, having more than one layer of protection is a good idea.

It can also Slow your computer down more than needed, But if you have a pretty powerful CPU. that is a good idea.

Honestly I do not believe that correct question would be “why would you…” and not “can you…”. :slight_smile:

To protect Norton. Some people like to use other AV programs and Comodo can protect them from being uninstalled by malware or messed with. :slight_smile: