Can you turn off Comodo Anti-Virus and on when you want?& compare to Avast?

Without messing up the software, I remember when I turned off Sygate’s it seem to mess up everything including the software when turned back on.

Lots of time when installing something like drivers and or updated it asks you to turn off you virus and or firewall?

Would like to know this before I install Comodo Anti Virus, would also like to know if it runs good with xpsp2, or is avast better?

Hi Pistal

I can’t really give you Avast vs CAVS advice… since I’m way too biased, I’ll leave that for another user.

But, I can say that disabling CAVS is not a problem & it causes no issues. Rebooting will, however, always turn CAVS On Access scanning back on. The CAVS beta also has HIPS & that can also be disabled in the same manner without any issues or problems.

Thanks for this information, I have never used Avast and was not pushing Avast, just wanted to compare with another firewall, I am sold on Comodo’s firewall seems to cause no problems at all, so want to try their antivirus too, just did not want to install it without first knowing that you could turn it off when installing something, Like drivers my Nevda said to turn off Antivirus before installing the new driver, even though I alread installed the new driver I wanted a Antivirus that I could turn off incase a newer driver came out, alot of these Antivirus’s you just can not turn off.
Thanks for your help, will install Comodo right now. (B)

Firewall? You’re in the AntiVirus (AV) section of the forums… CAVS is an AV, as Avast (although Avast also has a web-side/P2P protection & a IDS… of sorts) is also an AV.

If you asking me to compare CFP (Comodo’s firewall) with Avast, that I will do. CFP makes you wonder why you even bothered to compare it with Avast in first place. CFP slays Avast. ;D