Can you tell me if this Vivox alert should be allowed?

Please see attached image :slight_smile:

I repeatedly receive these and would like to know why i am not seemingly receiving any prompts. Thanks for your help

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Which of the Vivox applications are you using and what rules do you have for said application?

I’m Pretty sure it’s Second Life but I don’t really know what Vivox is and I think I am mistaken. Now I did a search of the ip and it came back as Trillian. As far as I know I have instructed the firewall to trust Second Life.

Second Live is trusted by Comodo and the only alert I recieved was for Second Life Voice and I gave it trusted app

Vivox is the technology behind voice communication in a number of products including Second Life. Basically, these inbound requests are the result of a communication pathway that’s been closed and because the inbound packets no longer have anywhere to go, they’re picked-up by Windows Operating System, which is the equivalent of System Idle process in Windows.

The easiest way to stop the log entries, assuming the rules you have for SLVoice are correct, is to create an Application rule for WOS:

Application name - Windows Operating System
Action - Block
Protocol - UDP
Direction - In
Source Address - Any
Destination Address - Any
Source Port - Any
Destination Port - 5062 (you might need 5060 too)

The reason you won’t see alerts is because the original endpoint has been closed and they’re effectively being discarded.

that makes perfect sense, thank you very much