can you take a look at my firewall log?

can you take a look at this log? cause after using comodo for almost a year… i only got this alert message just now to which i blocked.

svchost.exe trying to connect to or trys to connect to svchost? is it just communicating with my router or something else?

What is wrong with that?

I also notice now that my msn messenger, in active connection list, TCP OUT to too


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Hi jiavis

Because all the traffic is on 192.168.1.* (ie. & then this LAN (Local Area Network) traffic. It’s not traffic going either to or from the Internet. So, it’s likely that it is safe. But, to be certain please reveal the port numbers involved & expand on what & are in the context of your LAN. Don’t worry, the port numbers are not sensitive data.

edit: The MSN thing makes sound like a gateway or something. You might need to detail your connection set-up.

Doh… sorry. You’ve already told me the ports (via PM). Silly me.

TCP Port 28692896 is (mostly) the UPnP discovery service. It’s a service on your system, that is looking for PnP devices. Since it isn’t reaching the Internet, I do not believe this is any kind of risk.

edit: PnP = Plug and Play.

Hi kail, sorry if I use this thread to ask that.
Could you have a look to my Network Security Rules? (of course I’m in Custom Policy Mode)

I need to check if I’m right or not with them.
Any kind of guesses or improvements will be much appreciate.

Thanks for the help.

the port from msn: TCP OUT to is also 2896


Hi jiavis

As far as I know, that is correct… I believe MSN uses UPnP to automatically open ports for some of its advanced features (eg. file transfers & voice stuff).

Hi Sefano

Sure, but not here please. :slight_smile: Either create your own topic or PM me if you don’t what to do that.

Hi kail many thanks for your reply! :smiley:
I’ll send to you a PM with my screen shot rules


but I can’t make any attachment from the PM…

Images in ■■■. You can only do this if you host the images somewhere (eg. ImageShack) & use the IMAGE command. Failing that; create a new topic or send me an email. No BMPs please if you choose email, thanks.

Hi mate…
because of I have no image host account at moment, I’ll send you an e-mail.

Bye and thanks again.