Can you report a "cleaned" FP?

Hello. I had a trojan reported when I was doing an installation during an HP Update. I “cleaned” the file so I assume that there is no copy of it to submit as a FP. Also, since the installation succeeded, can I assume it was not a FP? I am only thinking it was since it was from an HP server. What’s the best way to handle these situations? Quarantine or trust if from a reputable source?

If a file is detected by Comodo Antivirus and you’re not sure if it’s a FP or not then follow these steps.

  1. Submit it as a false positive here:
    Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis

  2. After it has finished uploading you should quarantine the file (do not clean/delete)

  3. They will send you an email with the result of their analysis. It usually takes less than a day for them to get back to you. Sometimes it’s a mere matter of hours. If they say that it’s safe then you can release it from quarantine, but if it’s not you can easily delete it as it is already quarantined.

As for your current problem the only thing I can think to do (besides reinstall it or downloading the file) is to report the exact name of the detection here:

I hope this helps.