Can you please spread this everywhere you can

There are many people out there who needs help and needlessly spends a lot of money with solutions like Anti virus products, registry cleaners and so on. And on top of that they are left on their own to figure out how they should fight the malware with their Anti Virus product, or fix their computer with Registry cleaners.

We want to enable everyone who needs a little a bit of help with our service!

Please help us spread the word, put a link on your website to our service, anyone you know who needs help, pls ask them to try our service!

Thank you (CLY) (CLY) (CLY)


I’ll add link to my usual posting forums, and will post the link on my Facebook account to my 400+ friends, hope this helps.

EDIT/ADD: Please, everyone who uses WOT (Web Of Trust) mark/rate this site and leave nice comments about it, as the rating is a little low for a well known brand like Comodo.

Thank you AyeAyeCaptain!

really appreciate it.

thanks again


Be nice if you could do a promo vid on the benefits of it, upload to youtube. Whack it on your GeekBuddy group and then send it out to all fans, and in turn I choose the option to share, a more visual approach to introducing new people to it?

Here is the video…

thanks for the idea…


I posted it to my Twitter account… :a0

added it to the places that will allow it to be my sigs at some forums for you guys since i requested the free lic thing…

Thank you guys, really appreciate your support! (CLY)

I’ll will help you Melih,by posting this on Facebook…

Posted on twitter, facebook, myspace and blog.

I posted here,9138.msg29852/topicseen.html#msg29852 It is a Greek site!

Thank you guys. Its truly appreciated.


Serbian Forum:

P.S. I am Cvele there and this is just start

Thank you Jovan111p, really appreciate it.


U R welcome… :slight_smile:

Comodo is on every Forum that I am register and on my every signature and of course Live Support too!!!
I was using Kaspersky until Comodo!

Thanks Melih for GREAT protection!!!

Thank you Jovan111p, really appreciate your support.


Everything for Comodo mate!

Serbian Forum about CIS 2011, I just open it: