Can You Please Be Of Assistance?

In December of 2009 I purchased a new Windows 7, 64 bit computer. I previously had a Windows XP, 32 bit system. I had an email certificate issued to me. I inadvertently sent a request to the corporate department (wrong department) requesting cancellation of the old certificate so that I could download and install a new email certificate for my new computer. (My computer is for private/home use) When I realized my error, I sent my request to the correct department but did not receive any response? Since then I have requested via tickets, ( ZOK-984501, MMM-534751, AWV-226591) any assistance to resolve this conundrum? I have not gotten any response to my requests??

Can you please assist me to resolve this?

Thank you for your assistance.


Hi Seeker,

Your certificate had been successfully revoked and information e-mail has been sent to your mail address.


Thank you very much for your assistance! It is greatly appreciated.