Can you measure the speed of an airplane with a car speedometer?

and with the same argument you can’t measure the “capability” of Comodo Internet Security using old methods of testing for legacy AVs…

hmm good point…
using old method v can only say that it meets the specific needs…
later it depends on the efforts put into by the team n the community and also individuals…

Imagine the clever sods who put a speedometer on an airplane, will turn and say…hey look at this thing…its very slow :slight_smile:

LOL!! ya thats quite true…

When I read the title, at first I thought it was some troll attempt, then I saw that melih was OP, and then I actually took time to read the rest of the message and then I chuckled and though “Yeah, he got me” ;D

Then why Comodo does not participate in the AVC Dynamic tests since these are the most advanced and realistic ones?

May be they know where they stand and don’t feels necessary to prove it…

They already did in Symantec challenge for independent and respected test organisation…

They know? how they know it? how they can show it to the normal users that?

Appearing in the most viewed and important test.


I have held this back for years and it’s time to say it…

I’ll have to disagree with you’re statement this time around I’m afraid… In all honestly it is you that is sharing mis-information and misleading users! and this is a disgrace IMO. You need to think really hard about this, Come on, comparing car speedometers and airplanes vs AV Testers and CIS. Are you serious? Give me a break and give the community a break, it’s hurting you and it’s hurting you’re company. You need to really re-evaluate your position in business! And you know what, my car speedo will measure CIS any day of the week, it’s a Bugatti so no arguments here. Melih come on, you’re gonna make me cry… honestly i dont know whether now to cry or to laugh… because this is unbelievable! really stupid… i mean come on! NO ONE else is doing what your doing. No other AV Vendor is even thinking about this… no testing organization, no one. You are embarrassing the entire internet security community and it’s a nightmare… cause these other AV Vendors are using detection and your using the proper method and it’s hurting even more your giving CIS away for free. :slight_smile: Please stop your hurting the AV Vendors.

Really though…

CIS isn’t a airplane. It’s a bloody Army Jet Plane :wink: All jokes aside… :slight_smile:


For me, the main problem lies in the fact that CIS is constantly compared to AV products when, IMHO, it should not be as it is not a traditional AV.

It is not a traditional firewall.
It is not a traditional sandbox.
It is not a traditional HIPS.
It is not a traditional AV.

It is a single protection platform with multiple protection mechanisms and this is the fundamental difference.

Asking for CIS to be evaluated by an AV testing organization is like asking a car testing organization to evaluate the safety of a car by testing the handbrake only.

Please understand I’m not saying other AVs do a bad job. They mostly do a good job at what they are designed to do. CIS, IMHO, does a better job at what it is designed to do - it’s just that CIS’s job is different to a traditional AVs.

Ewen :slight_smile:

If you compare Cis as a whole, their isn’t alot to compare it against.
I think you all already know my opinion about testing. (If it is not real world it is not real testing).
Kind regards.

So much talk, yet you haven’t sent CIS to any tester to see how good it is using real world situations which have already been done by AV-C.

Been done by BluePoint Security which shoved on video how good CIS is…

LOL…I really can’t believe that in this thread you are making this statement! LOL indeed…

And in Comodo vs Symantec Challange, AV Test did do a real world test where we came on top.

I think that what we are requesting is see CIS in AVC, does not matter if you make a sponsored test CIS VS NORTON because only the people on Comodo forums will know about it.
Instead if CIS appear in AVC millions of people will heard about it, spread the word :stuck_out_tongue:

all these tests are paid…

testers have to make money somehow!

You paid for a sponsored test anyway, it’s so expensive AVC?
The idea is if you score the 1st in the test or in a good position you will have more costumers, more money, and the name of Comodo will be much more known and this affects too all your business/products

I have seen reviews on cars tested put through numerous challenges and passed with high praise and good results. 5 Minutes after being sold in the retail market they are recalled in high numbers for mechanical or safety issues etc, this is just another example of test being overated imo. Kind regards.