Can you make COMODO's windows theme?

I was woundering one time 88) why such a beautiful theme is only for COMODO ??? not for the whole windows :cry: like start up and shutdown screens and the theme of the windows socially :o

Can you make a COMODO’s theme please?

Hi ahmedhhw,

If you search the forum fore “theme”; “wallpaper” or alike you will fine quite a few threads and discussions about that e.g.;msg341009#msg341009

My regards

This seems to be just a wallpaper ???

There are wallpapers; there are skins for Comodo …
if you mean a Win logon screen that is just a lil bit more tweaking
you can use known transformation packs … If that’s what you mean

but just for that I am not sure it worth of any effort


Yes I didn’t meant a theme for COMODO I meant for whole windows :-TU