Can you help Kai? (This 5 year old needs your help)

Hi Guys

I was made aware of This sad story recently. Its a sad sad story. Please consider helping.

thank you



Gave Donation :slight_smile:


Thank you guys!

Very much appreciate it.

We are doing what we can as well by raising awareness, my kids have made brownies and cookies (with a little help from mommy) and went to local play ground and tried to raise awareness. Every bit helps.

Thank you!


Lets hope the little fellow will make it :slight_smile: I gave a donation of $50,00 .

Greetz, Red.

Thank you Red. Much Much Appreciated!


Hey Melih,

It’s me again, I checked out the link. The truth is I cannot make donations right now, hopefully soon I can.

But I already signed up in donating my organs to anyone who will need it… (well, just in case I die). I was thinking that even if I passed away (hoping not this time :)), I can still help other who will need it.

I signed a contract last year in a local hospital here in Manila, that’s the hospital I go for monthly check ups.

I am also suffering from a medical condition, I was diagnosed with an ailment last year and thank God for family and friends, I am making it through.

I am praying for everyone like Kai who suffers from a medical illness.

we wish you all our best zyrelle27.
thank you


I have donated $1.75 :). I know it isn’t that much, but its all I can afford right now. I am a 14 year old somewhat tech geek. So I am not yet allowed by my parents to open up bank account for paypal. I did some free offers from sites like Cash Lagoon and Free Bucks Site for the money. I think you guys should try it too, with some patience, and i’m not advertising for them. I am just opening up another way to donating more money.

You are a good example of how all teenager should be! Welldone to you TheRyan95. Your parents should be proud of you.