Can you add your OS etc to your sigs...

I think it will help, and have noticed some of the more experienced posters asking. As it is I’ve uninstalled CFP v3 and won’t reinstall until I’m comfortable it won’t rack my system again.

Is there anything else I should add that may help?

Some hints can be found in IMPORTANT: HOW TO WRITE HELP REQUESTS
Adding Information to forum signature can help a lot if the member forgot to type these info in his posts (it could be actually used to copy/paste such infos).

Anyway signatures cannot be searched and are guranteed to change. This means that actually bugreports or some help requests will contain less information that could be useful when future versions will be out expecially if there is a rare issue.

Perhaps you’re right, but when I see a post “everything is working fine here” most aren’t likely to add any kind of info because they don’t have any conflicts.

If someone has basically the same set up as me, it may help me determine how to fix mine.

Yep that’s true but is difficult to PM all non complying members to cope with this. :frowning: