Can you access the Shared Data folder from Within the Virtual Kiosk?

C:\ProgramData\Shared Space

Ho do you access this in the Virtual Kiosk.
Can someone point me to directions on this.
Sound like I am new. But i am new to actually using the Shared Space.


Hi DrHaze,
I presume you mean ‘Application Data\Shared Space’.
This can accessed via the various shortcut icons Widget/Desktop/GUI.
Shared Space

There is no c:\ documents and Settings on windows 7 or 8.
I think this is missing from the help on the link you gave me from what i saw.

In Win7 (and possibly Win8) the folder is located at \Program Data \ Shared Space (common to the system and all users [including the system / network]).

Hi dbrisendine and DrHaze,
Correct, sorry my mistake (Lack of concentration).

Hi DrHaze,
Can you access it via the shortcuts outside of kiosk.
It should recreate using CISs GUI shortcut.
Select classic mode in kiosk to view.

I know if you’re on the desktop version and you have deleted the shortcut on the desktop in windows then you can’t really access the shared space from within the kiosk. I thought that maybe you could put the shortcut on the kiosk start menu but I haven’t found a way to do it yet.

Hi Mad Clown,
Show Hidden Files if the folder is not visible, now using Windows explorer navigate to C:\ProgramData\Shared Space.
Right click on the ‘Shared Space’ folder and send to Desktop (Create shortcut).
You can then drag’n’drop this shortcut onto the start menu orb to pin it to the start menu if desired (Not accessible from the start menu in Kiosk).

I realize you can add the shortcut to the desktop but the thing is I don’t want the shared space shortcut on my windows desktop. Having the shortcut on the kiosk desktop is fine though, I just rather not have it on my windows desktop. So if I get rid of the windows shortcut then I’m out of luck in the kiosk since I have no way to access it other than the desktop shortcut.

Hi Mad Clown,
Now I am following you.
I did find a workaround, I am not sure if it is suitable for what you require.
If I have followed what you want to achieve correctly, this does work. :wink:
You can’t add it to kiosk start menu, but at least you would have access to it from within kiosk via the desktop.

Create a shortcut to Windows ‘explorer.exe’ on your actual system, now open kiosk and using the explorer shortcut navigate to the ‘Shared Space’ folder then send to Desktop (create shortcut).
This ‘Shared Space’ shortcut will only be visible in kiosk, you could then delete the ‘explorer.exe’ shortcut and the previous ‘Shared Space’ shortcut from the actual system.

Edit: One down side is, as soon as you Reset the Sandbox this will also remove your new ‘Shared Space’ shortcut.