Can Windows firewall be active w/comodo active?

I used windows firewall to allow only specific IP addresses access to PC for remote control, etc. I have not found this feature in COMODO. Does COMODO have this feature? If not, need windows firewall to run too. So, if needed will the two run together without problems?

You can specify them by making rules in ‘Stealth Ports Wizard’

CIS>Firewall>Stealth Ports Wizard.

IMHO, windows firewall does not actually work as a ‘firewall’ to protect your computer, whereas CIS does.

Before using the Stealth Ports Wizard you can define one or more safe zones. Go to Firewall → Common Tasks → My Network zones → now do the following:

  • Add → New Zone → choose a name
  • Now select the created zone
  • Add → Add a new address
  • Choose one of the options for adding address(es)

After making zone(s) go to Stealt Ports Wizard and choose “Define a new trusted network and stealth my ports to everyone else” and select the zone you want to add. Then push finish. Do that for all zones you want to add.

Thank you! Windows firewall begone!