Can we update CIS manually by putting the .cav files into /base folder?


is it now possible or not to have CIS update itself by placing the manually downloaded

file in the /base folder of cis?

Would be nice to be able to download CIS installer + the 1170 db file and then install together so first update via CIS itself would not need to be 30 plus Mb’s

Thanks advice, brgds


Hello Mack,

This won’t work, as of version 3.9 incremental updates are active so only the first update should take a while depending on your internet connection after that updates are a few Kb per update…

thanks Ronny,

Just wanted to be sure.

Really dont get why this first 30Mb update is not included in the installation file…really dont…

was thinking about again reinstalling cis but cant bare this lenghty first update on dialup…


I do, it has to do with users upgrading from 3.8 using the updater… they need the 1157 database.