Can we please do something about.....

Comodo has always consistently come up with the following errors.

Error HTTP read from, httpCode: 404 Error Code: 0x80070002 (The system cannot find the file specified.)
Error HTTP read from, httpCode: 404 Error Code: 0x80070002 (The system cannot find the file specified.)
Error HTTP send to, error: 12007 Error Code: 0x80072ee7 (Unknown error 0x80072EE7)

Could we do something with these to indicate :
Is this actually a problem?
If yes then what to do about it.
If no then don’t make it an error make it informational or a warning.

Should comodo have found these files?
Is it trying to get in before my network is up and this is what is causing these errors?
Should I put comodo later in the load order and if so would doing that leave me open to other issues?

There is a hole host of questions from my perspective and before anyone asks - no I am not running windows 10 Pro’s firewall as well only comodo.

The files appear to be inaccessible;

Something that this error can generate of good is the deactivation of the network adapter until the system is fully loaded. If I were a programmer I could create a malware that captures data while using the computer and sends them before shutdown or at computer startup, for exemple.

liosant that malware cant even start >:-D

What version of CIS are you using? I assume the errors you see are logged in Event Viewer. Is that correct?

Could you run Diagnostics and see if it finds something and whether it is able to fix it or not?

CIS 11

Thank you for reporting and providing the diagnostics report. I checked Event Viewer and I see the same errors occurring under Applications and Services Logs → COMODO Internet Security Trace.

It looks like a server side error.

So is there any possibility of getting comodo to a state where it doesn’t report these errors? from what you’ve said it does not sound like they are a problem ; however any error message in my logs - especially ones like these concern me greatly.

To get rid of the messages with address you can disable Comodo Message Center. For the other messages I couldn’t think of an option to disable.

Okay - I can do that - but wouldn’t it be better to eliminate them by actually fixing the problem and not just turning off the messages saying there is a problem?

Hence why I will move your topic to the bug reports board.

Hi TheFalloutboy,

Actually it’s not an issue. We will make them as warning in next release as you suggested. Thanks for your feedback.

Kind Regards,

Just thinking out loud. The program looks for those files that are apparently not always available at the server. Assuming those files are already on the hard disk why not change the system to checking for availability of an updated version online like is done with program and av definition updates?