Can we have some sound for when malware is found?

I know Avast, AVG and Avira have some sound that goes off. I think it would be neat for us to have either a voice or a ding or something. Of course this feature would be optional. :slight_smile:

I want her…voice… ;D

Great idea +1 that’s really good to get more users in the community.
More easy to use = more users.

I want her ;)…voice…whisper in my ear, dear naren, malware found ;D

Show some respect, guys… 88) :P0l

Whaaat? She has a wonderful soft and smooth voice, it’s calming. I wouldn’t want to have a grouchy old man shout in my ear. Just sayin.

Previous versions of Kaspersky emitted pig’s shriek when a malware was found. It was funny.

AFAIK Avast said something about found viruses in a gentle voice. That was pleasant as well.

What do you think about Scotty’s barking from WinPatrol?

You guys have whatever you want, I want THIS: :-TU

Hearing that might scare some of the newer users haha.

Exactly 8)
To instill a psychological mindset, virus = bad!
This, however, would have a dramatic effect, like when you’re listening to music cranked to the max, relaxing, and all of the sudden you hear Kaspersky’s squeaking pig noise! >:-D

Then I would definitely try the WinPatrol !!!