Can we have a right click file look up/submit file to Comodo feature?

I think that would be very handy for unknown files.

A right click in what situation(s)?

If you downloaded an exe or something and want to see if its safe or not without having to manually add it to untrusted files and check that way.

Right-click, select Scan with Comodo Antivirus

I know that but what if its not been submitted yet you can easily do it that way.

There should be more right click options available period, that being one of them.

Run in or out of Sandbox
perhaps even intercept security options should be available via right clicking a file

If you want to run a particular file with execution control to intercept it before it is loaded into memory, and have it use one of the options, partially limited for example.

You can already right-click an .exe and run it in the sandbox.

As for out, are you saying if something is already in the sandbox, you could right-click and have it run out of the sandbox? Because otherwise, just running it normally will be outside the sandbox.

No I cannot already do this, I just checked. No such option is available to me and before you ask… 5.4.189822.1355 which according to this is the latest version.

The right click option to run in the sandbox will only appear if you right click on an executable. It will not appear if you right click on a shortcut or on a non-executable file.

Double check you have not been right clicking on a shortcut.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Yup, I thought of that at the time and checked both. What I meant though was that the option should be available always for any executable regardless of how it is launched. Command line sandboxing is probably already easy enough to accomplish I imagine there is a sandbox exe somewhere which takes some parameters. Or you could just run multiple instances of cmd and run a few in sandbox mode. However that goes back to the problem of sandboxing not being available to shortcuts.

What if somebody is frequently launching sanboxed and non-sandboxed instances of cmd.exe should they make a shortcut and right click to be able to find target and save time by removing the need to open my computer>local drive then navigating to C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe, in my opinion right clicking to go to properties and finding target or open file location in windows 7(if I recall correctly) is a few steps too many.

If you are still not seeing the sandbox option when right-clicking on an .exe, do you have the auto-sandbox enabled? Even though the manual sandbox isn’t the same thing as the auto-sandbox, you will not get the shell enhancement option to run an .exe in the manual sandbox if the auto-sandbox is disabled. (No, it’s not very intuitive)

See my point yet?

If your point is that the sandbox isn’t very user friendly yet, then yes I do. It’s still young in the development process. If you had another point, I’m not seeing it. :wink:

Since I’ve just learned the extent to which the sandbox is disabled when that option is disabled my point is a bit different as of now. That sandbox needs 2 separate options for A) Shell Menu sub menu( to select the limitations) B) Automatically run applications in sandbox

B is the reason I have it disabled, I don’t particularly enjoy the copious amounts of alerts comodo utilizes, they could most certainly be condensed. Which is to say, I don’t want to click don’t run in sandboxed mode for every new application I TRY out. I try out applications frequently just like I tried out the sandbox mode when it first appeared in comodo, I then proceeded to disable it since that very day; there just weren’t enough options available for the sandbox to use plus it was super annoying to use. Nothing I hate more than non intuitive design, in this situation I might not have even minded for a long time that using it wasn’t intuitive if at least the settings and options were designed to be intuitive.

I don’t want my applications automatically isolated when I first run them. I would rather be able to setup a folder named questionables or more likely cracks and hacks to automatically have all executables within automatically isolated in the sandbox. However setting up a folder for such a purpose isn’t even possible. I was only able to add individual applications to be always run in sandbox mode.

So basically, summed up. Sandbox needs better options now that I realize disabling the sandbox outright prevents it from being loaded in any way shape or form. I thought since there was an option to run programs in it outside in the main menu of defense+ that disabling it was meant for the engine to not look up rules for it, and consequently it would not load the sandbox when not in use.

You can still run things in the manual sandbox while the automatic sandbox is disabled, you just don’t get the shell convenience of right-clicking an .exe to run it in the sandbox.

Part of the reason the automatic sandbox was implemented was to help cut down on alerts. Instead of a Defense+ alert asking the user what to do with the .exe that is trying to run, if it is unrecognized, it’s just sandboxed instead.

Sigh, treat unrecognized files as… right…

You know settings which are specifically related to a dominant feature should probably be listed UNDER THAT dominant feature.

That solves one problem for me I guess. The shell menu should still be capable of linking the functionality to shortcut executables.

Agreed. As I already said, operation is not very intuitive at the moment.