Can we get FORUM on mainpage again

After this new layout on I can hardly find the FORUM, can we get a linky on the main again as it used to be?


It definitely should be available on the main page so that new users can find the help/support they are looking for.

The link is shown in the GUI of the program so any new user should have no trouble finding these forums.

Comodo Backup does not show a Forums link, as is the same with other Comodo products. It is nice the link is found in CIS, but should be available from the Comodo Home page also.

Unless you are a prospective new user who doesn’t have the software installed, yet :slight_smile:



Hi all,

Go here and click on Support…

which brings you here

Not so bad, just different from before.


Way too complicated to find, just “Forums” as it used to be was much better. Most companies have it like this and this way it’s possible to find it.