Can we expect any Bug Fixes before V3.1?

Now that V3 has been released as a final, can we expect to see any bug fixes for V3 for bugs reported in the BETAs and RC1 that are still evident in V3?


We already got build 268 but knowone knows what it did yet.

Yes, I saw that just now logging onto my system and being informed that an update was available. If these were bug fixes, then I’m very pleased.


Build 268 patched two minor issues, but don’t ask me exactly what they were. :-\ Of course, Comodo will be continuining to fix bugs as and when they arise.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Minor issues. What about the major ones like TS, crashes, etc. All of these were reported in earlier BETAs and the RC1. As and when they arise sounds like all known bugs were fixed in the final which is definitely not the case.


I’ve been reading quite some posts about bugs, crashes etc, but for some reason I am not experiencing a single bug, crash, BSOD or other problems with the 268 build… working 100% perfectly for me!

Harry (:NRD)

The BSODS seem to be gone, but there are still other problems around. You need to sit down and play with CFP and give it a good workout. :slight_smile:


well… I could try to force crashes… ;D but that would probably not happen during ‘normal’ operation…


Same here, and I’ve actually played around a bit with CFP 3. My theory (which could be completely wrong!) is that Vista users are encountering more bugs than XP users. But please don’t make any conclusions out of this, I may have read too few posts to be fair to judge here. :wink:


Not what I meant Al. “As and when” referred to new bugs that occur, discounting currently known bugs, which still need to be corrected. I don’t think it is their explicit aim to put out flaky software. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

The most common problem seems to be system freezes and slowdowns caused by Defence+,hopefully they will be addressed soon.