Can we catagorize the Wishlist ? it's getting to big...

Is it an idea to break the fw wishlist in to categories ?

  • General
  • GUI
  • Firewall
  • Defence+

If someone now want’s to have a “overview” of wishes you have to work your way to 40 pages to see if you double something ?!


How about a wishlist summary, with all wishes listed and those that have been incorporated marked as such?

That’ll be a LOT of work, but if we can gather more minds to divide the share like one takes on the first 10 pages, the next takes on pages 11 to 20, etc. or something like that can be accomplished.

-It will make the whole list more compact, organized, clearer
-Eliminate duplicates
-Eliminate old wishes that have come true with the latest version, unless we still want to include them with them highlighted differently as Ewen suggested

Traditionally, we have ended one list after it reaches a certain point and then start a new one, as can be seen by Wishlist Rev 1/2/3/etc.

Prehaps we can work on that but we (as Mods) need to continue to “compact” the stickies. (:m*)


I have no probs compacting things, particularly this feedback board; it has too many now. It’s part of my clean freakish blood. I just hope the sticky starters won’t be (:AGY) at me ;D.

Can’t we make the different levels in the forum ?
Like Wishlist
- General
- Firewall
- etc

And then take care that ever thread has only one “Wish” in it ?
Maybe hang up a poll with it to let other know what they think of it ?

It’s not as easy as you think. It would cause alot off headaches for mods & admins, believe me.

But could be possible.


Keep talking like that and you’ll get a job! LOL

Post your categorization wishes to wishlist… :P0l :slight_smile:

Hi Panic,

I wouldn’t mind helping on this, i think it’s a great firewall/hips, and being free i could give it some of my spare time here…


Where did you get the bag of spare time from? LOL

I’ll PM you on this - I’ve got a few ideas

Ewen :slight_smile: