Can upgrade from CIS 5 to CIS 6 by using the "Check for updates" ?

Can upgrade from CIS 5 to CIS 6 by using the “Check for updates” ?

Updating from the internal updater in version 5 will not be possible for a few weeks.

was wondering if there might be any ETA on this?

thanks :slight_smile:

No ETA yet.

End of February according to egemen.

Is there a new ETA? I skimmed the forums but didn’t find a new announcement.

No new ETA…

if we download and do a hard install, can we install on top of CIS 5.12x? or must we do a full uninstall first?


Yes reboots will be required, after finished installing go to configurations choose the 5.12 config. you were using and activate it.

Or wait until Thursday April 18th for the “announced” (two staff members mentioned it) release of v6 which is said to provide the update from v5.

but for the download version 6, do we need to uninstall version 5 first ?


No you do a over the top install this keeps the 5.12 configurations uninstalls 5.12 and installs 6

Do not under any circumstances attempt to import a 5.12 configuration into a clean install of 6