Can this DNS be disabled?

Hi I’ve been using Icedragon along with CIS for a couple years now and been liking it. However the one real annoyance is how Comodo Secure DNS blocks way to much especially legit sites. Maybe based on a few letter in their name? I enter the disregard button set a time and after a few seconds it supposedly redirects me yet I end up right back at the same block page asking me if I want to disregard. I finally figured this one out. I have to restart the browser. Which is rather inconvenient and annoying after awhile especially if I have a few tabs open or a download going.

The problem now is I just restored my PC. Completely wiped the drive and currently in the process of piecing it back together. I remembered the headache that was Secure DNS from before. So when I Installed IceDragon this time I chose the option to not use Secure DNS. And yet I still see Comodo Secure DNS block pages all over the place. I checked my adapter connection and it is set to Obtain DNS Server Addresses Automatically. And the Use the following DNS server addresses is blank So why am I still being blocked and seeing Comodo Secure DNS pages? Is there someway to permanently disable this headache.

Hi and welcome Section8,
Please check that the ‘malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS)’ option is disabled, found under system defaults in the general tab of the advanced options in IceDragon.